Friday, July 26, 2013

A tale of many curtains... A slight obsession

My husband claims that I am obsessed with curtains and he's kinda right! But this tale doesn't  start with curtains but rather with furniture... a dinning room cabinet in fact. A couple of months ago my husband's grandmother told us that she wanted to remodel a spare room that she had in her house and wanted to give us a piece of furniture. Now, here is the point when I have to tell you that my husband's grandmother is THE MOST stylish 93  year old that you have ever met. Her house is cute as a button, perfectly put together and would rival any issue of Better Homes and Garden! Ok, back to the furniture...The piece that she wanted to give us was not exactly my style but who says no to anything free?? Not me! So, I decided to take it and see if there was any way I could make it work. Here is a picture of it that I took when it was still in her house before the room makeover.

I talked to several people about who could refinish it but when I posted this on Facebook, I realized I had a ETN (Extremely Talented Neighbor) just two doors down that could take on the task. Luckily she was able to talk me thru the process and help me decide on a color. After talking my sweet husband into moving it, the work got started. In just a few weeks it was done and here is the finished product!!  You can contact   Fine Art Finishing  to help you too bring old things back to life. 
I am in love with it ....but...this now brings us to the curtains. As soon as my ETN (Extremely Talented Neighbor) brought this back to my house and reassembled it I realized I had to get new curtains. The ones I had were too black. I needed black, blue and green. I thought the chances of me finding that was slim but basically I will use ANY excuse to look for curtains so off to Target we went. If there is a curtain to be found anywhere I can find them and I did! I found the perfect curtains!  Check out the Botanical Curtains in dark grey!

This brings us to the next curtain redo. Along with my curtain obsession comes the interesting fact that when I find a curtain I love, I often buy an extra curtain (or two, or three)  Such was the case with the curtains I took down in the dining room. I had four curtains that I took down and replaced and 2 extra panels that were stored and never opened. So, I decided to reuse these in the kitchen. I attempted to coax my MIL into cutting them and sewing them for me but I failed miserably and she suggested I hang them and keep them long. She kept saying that the pattern "just lends itself to a long curtain". I think this was her way of saying there was no way she was going to sew these suckers up for me. But, that's OK  because I have an extremely sweet MIL and her sewing machine has never been out of the box so I am not sure what I was thinking in the first place :)

So, I decided she may be right and I gave it a shot, The thing is... I have a kitchen window that needed an valance and I don't sew . After a brainstorming session (AKA, coming up with any way possible not to have to sew these suckers) we decided to hang a 86"curtain in half and see how it looked. Later I added an additional 86"curtain to make it look a little fuller. I was so excited how they turned out. Check out the pics.

Four long kitchen curtains

                             Two long panels folded in half on a black curtain rod! LOVE IT!

So the moral of this story is a slight curtain obsession is ok. It means you will have the material needed to be creative when you need to....or at least that's what I tell myself. Did I mention that I bought new curtains for the living room too?? I probably do need to go talk to someone about this....

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