Sunday, July 14, 2013

BBQ Weekend of Fun!

This weekend was the Festival of Discovery BBQ Festival in Greenwood. Tons of food and fun! If you're ever bored in the second weekend of July you should check it out. I am a big proponent of a festival having rides. Frankly, I think if your event does not have rides it should not be deemed a "festival". Real simple. So, needless to say I approve to the Festival of Discovery since they do have rides. Now, I will say that they are not the biggest and best rides ever but they are perfect for a family since you can ride almost everything and still enjoy the rest of the day and food! Plus, I will say that the carnies at this festival were the cleanest nicest group that I have ever seen at any event. Here are a few pics from our weekend.

 My girl Friday night after a great BBQ Dinner

On our way to the rides

Face painting

Spinning Strawberries
And finally my favorite picture of the evening....after a long day of BBQ,  rides, ice cream and a late afternoon birthday party. This is what I find when I come back to my bedroom......
How fitting....sleeping with a pig!

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