Monday, June 25, 2012

Baseball Birds and the Fundamentals

I am siting in the bedroom listening to the sounds of cheers from the living room. You see, not only are we a family of birds but we are a fan of the birds.......Gamecocks that is! :) My husband, his brother Matthew and their buddy Brant are pretty much as serious as it gets when it comes to Carolina sports. They are VERY superstitious and since the last game the Cocks won I was actually in the bedroom I could tell that they were all secretly wishing I would make an exit in hopes that simple action of moving rooms would turn the score around.

My husband has already trained my sweet daughter at the tender young age of three to believe that "Clemson stinks" and that "Georgia Bulldogs are low down dirty dogs that cheat". He seems pleased that she will repeat these mantras on demand. He stands back with a sense of pride and a glimmer in his eye as she confirms his deep seeded hate for Clemson beliefs of football. :)

The moral of this story is that my daughter may not actually go to Kindergarten knowing how to read but she will understand the fundamentals of being a fan of the birds.

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