Saturday, June 30, 2012

My favorite things...for girls only.. or guys that want to buy awesome gifts for girls.. or girls that want to spend money that their husbands don't know about.

All my friends know that my dream job would be a QVC host! :) I love, what addicts call, "The Q". I never really sit for hours on end and watch it on TV but I manage to check their site ..ummm.....ummm ...everyday to see what the TSV (Today's Special Value, for you non Q lovers) is. Thanks to the Q, I have discovered some can not live without products. Here are just a few that I think every girl needs. 

So, just pretend I'm Oprah for the next three minutes that you read this and that my recommendations can lock down product websites,cause women to fight each other in the store, and keep Steadman up for the next twenty years.. A girl can dream ...right? Here are my top three in no particular order....

1. Philosophy's Amazing Graze- This is without a doubt the best! It smells so good and clean and not perfummy (Is that a word?). Every time I wear it I get comments on how great I smell. Ok- that's kinda weird I know. But, one time a man tracked me down across a parking lot just to tell me how good I smelled....honest truth! This product is not strong and I can never smell it on myself but others do.

philosophy super-size amazing grace spray      fragrance 4 oz
Amazing Grace is the best fragrance to start with in their line.

2. Clarisonic- This little tool is awesome! It is worth every penny. It takes more dirt off of your face than you could ever imagine and your moisturizer just melts in after you use it.  I try to use it three times per week and always take it with me when I travel.  Prepare to be grossed out the first time you use it. It's like the door to door vacuum sales people who come to your house for a demo and disgust you with how dirty your house actually is ....and then you write a 2,000 check. This is cheaper and you will be equally grossed out the first time you remove the invisible grime from your face. Go for it!.

Clarisonic Mia is available in multiple colors
Comes in tons of fun colors.

3. Finally one of my most prized possessions.... the Vitamix! This is costly but it is a MUST HAVE! This is truly an amazing machine. If you are looking to trick you husband, kids or friends into drinking a mass quantity of vegetables and ask for more ...get an vitamix. My daughter loves to make รค special drink". I could use this multiple times a day but I usually end up using it a solid 3 days a week. I promise your life is not complete until you have one..... no seriously order it now!

Reconditioned Vitamix
Every mom needs one

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