Saturday, July 21, 2012

Three Birds at the Zoo

Today was a Charley Bird day. Earlier in the week Christopher decided to spend Saturday with Charley doing fun things! He decided we would go to the Zoo, eat pizza for lunch, go to the toy store and finish the day at the book store..... and that's exactly what we did! The Greenville Zoo is perfect because it is small enough that you don't have to spend all day there and still get to look at plenty of animals. Here are a few pictures from the Zoo.

After the zoo we went downtown to Barley's and ate what Charley calls the "Big Pizza" and then went to O.P. Taylor's Toy Store. I love this place because real toy stores don't exist any more. After picking up the much needed Aurora doll we then went to a new used book store called Mr. K's. (Can there be a new used book store or is that an oxymoron?) Maybe it's not new but it was new to us. Christopher left with a few books and Charley left with a few more. Who can say no to a kid who wants books?

Overall, it was a great day and these three birds had fun!

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